Terry Barnes

author, award winning novelist, adjunct professor of religion




Writing, Fishing, and (of course) Coffee


As you must suspect, the love of coffee is a prerequisite for being a writer. I like mine strong and rich and accented by a bit of cream.

But there’s more to writing than just coffee. Writing is where we search for meaning in the swirl of life, where we use the power of language to explore the wonder and ambiguity of our common humanity and the eternity to come.

I found meaning when I became a Bible-believing Christian as an adult. As a grandfather, I graduated from Calvary Theological Seminary with a M.A. in Biblical Studies. Now I’m an online adjunct professor of religion for several universities with a focus on worldviews. The search for meaning is at the core of life.

This website features my writing including fiction, blogs, and parable studies. My most recent novella, As the Leaves Kiss the Stream, explores meaning in the midst of father-daughter conflict in the setting of Ozarks fly fishing.

Finally, no short bio would be complete without the consideration of fly fishing. I have concluded that God created trout streams so that we may become fly fishermen. There’s something special about casting a dry fly on a hot summer afternoon, or standing beside a trout stream on a frigid fall morning sipping a cup of coffee.

So you see, the love of coffee also goes well with fly fishing and just about everything else. As for writing, well I like mine as I like my coffee, strong and rich and accented by a bit of cream.


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